Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Pain Pain and more Pain. Sorry to moan today but I am having so many problems these days with my arthritis. I makes me sad but I pretend I am fine and carry on as normal.
If you do not live with chronic pain you just will not understand what a person who does goes through. It a constant struggle to just function and live your life as best you can.

Normally as per my blog name I am Jolly and I try to not let people really know how I am feeling. That can also work against you as people think you are capable of doing more.
I am about to go and get a new MRI scan done as its been awhile since my last. I am really nervous  as I know things have got worse. Its that  I do and I don't want to know sort of thing.

My husband takes early retirement on Friday and he really wants to travel, but I am not sure I will be able to do much of that at all, which makes me sad.

So I am sorry to have a moaning blog post but I needed to write it down if only for myself. I am sure I will be back to Jollyjilly soon and if you are like me and suffer I feel your pain (really feel it) and know how you are feeling. If you know someone with chronic pain be kind and take care of them, excuse bad moods as it is not who they are.

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  1. I am so sorry you are in a lot of pain because of arthritis. I think it is good to put it out there once in awhile just to kinda let it out. :) followed you from the blog hop. i hope you will be kind enough to follow me back. Thank you. :)


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