Monday, 26 November 2012

Review of Bohemia by Veronika Carnaby

I was asked to read and review this novel and was interested to do so as I love to read. So lets start with some of the plot, without giving to much away I hope.
The story starts back in the 1960's and focuses on the lives of 4 young people who live in London. Their names being Valerie, Emmaline , Lester and Jimmy. It was the end of school and Valerie and Emmaline where just hanging around look for something to do. When Jimmy and Lester offer them a job they jump at the chance for a little adventure.

They danced at a bar while the boys served and they all lived together in a tiny apartment, they did not have much but it was fun .
Then Jimmy went off and after weeks of being missing he came home. "We are all moving to America" he told them just like that. So they set up home in New York but after a few months they thought they would move on . Driving away in their 56' Bel Air convertible and went to New Hampshire. They soon got bored with being in a town and wanted to be free so settle in a small town called Nashua.

I will leave you to read the rest yourself as I would not want to spoil it for you. I really enjoyed reading this novel very much. I found it well written and a good mix of characters and places.
The story line very much draws you in and makes you care about the young people and what they live through.

I have not read any of Veronika Carnaby's work before but will do in the future. A perfect book to curl up with in the winter months.

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