Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Stress today or even this time of year is something I think we all suffer with. As you know if you read my words often, my husband just retired so its been a wee bit busy recently.Also I did my first ever craft market and I have stressed over making things and worried I would not be good enough.

Then my daughter in law Karen asked if we would like to attend a concert she is singing at , with her choir. She told me it was to raise money for a charity and gave me some information .
It really put my stress to silly level and made me realise that their are many many people who are much more in stress them myself.

Maytree is a sanctuary for the suicidal. It offers help and also one- off four nights stay to adults in suicidal crisis, in a calm and safe residential setting in north London.
It provides a place to rest and think about why, someone to talk to which is wonderful. Also to know it is private and confidential and non medical.

Like most charity's it is independent so fund raising it so important. I thought it was such a wonderful charity as I can not imagine the stress some people can feel. Having a place to go and speak to someone, or just to have someone listen while you talk is so great.

I really hope the concert on the 1st raises a whole load of money and raises the profile of this charity.
If you would like to know more about Maytree the web site is


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