Monday, 12 November 2012

This is the week This is!

This is the week this is! If you read my blog regularly ( and thanks for that) you will know that this is a special event this  week. On Friday my husband is taking early retirement from the fire service after a long and successful career. It really only seems seconds since he started and the time has rushed past us in a flash of light.

So I am rather stressed as on Friday we have a huge party for our family and friends, and its also Kevin's 55th birthday. So I am cooking and cleaning and trying to make sure the event it great  for him.
My children and their partners are also being great and I am lucky to have their support and unpaid work force lol.
So sorry for lack of posts the past few weeks but I think you will understand.
I will be back fully after the party and we have exciting plans for the future. All of this I hope to share with you and enjoy myself.
So I want to finish this short post by telling my husband how much I still love him, I hope he gets to have some fun and enjoy this new life.
Love you Kevin


  1. Happy Birthday to Kevin, Happy retirement and I hope you all have a great time at the party.

  2. Thanks Lou I will tell him. Pictures soon lol


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