Saturday, 16 February 2013

Lemon Sucking Week

Lemon sucking week for me at least that is how it felt. I started out the week all excited with my JanePlan diet but my cold has really effected my week. The Jane plan really was so simple and the food really is so yummy. I love the chili and the salad pots but mostly I love how easy it is. No long recipes or loads of cooking, just fast and easy. |If you work it must be a dream as you can just make it all so quick.

So I am not going to lie and say I have been an angel I really have not. For my excuse I have been sick for the last week. I came back from holiday with a lovely cold which is still sharing its joys!!
Plus I have lost feeling in my hand and it comes and goes and really is painful and stops me from doing all the things I love.

I am waiting for a test to see the problem but I already know an operation with be in the near future. To be honest I can't wait to get it sorted as its really painful.
So I feel like I wasted a week of my great diet but we shall see on Monday when I get weighed. I hope that the next week I will start to feel better and then I can really get myself into gear, and not have another lemon sucking week.

So I hope you have had a better week than me health wise and remember I love to hear your diet stories.


  1. I'm sure next week will be better and health is so important

    1. Ah thanks I'm hoping to do much better this week


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