Monday, 18 February 2013

Mads awards

Mads awards are here again and I am delighted to say some kind person has nominated me again. It is so nice if people like what you write and it makes it all worth while. I do enjoy writing my blog but it can be lonely if you don't get many comments. You wonder if anyone is out there reading lol
Then one day you get a comment which is lovely and you think ahhh I can go on.

I am under no illusions that I am going to win or even get the the awards event, but it is so nice to be given one vote.
Thank you so much for being so kind as to visit me and even more for any comments.
I don't think I am any expert I am just a normal person who likes to share my silly life with you.
If you enjoy my blog and would like to vote I would be delighted and I thank you so much.


I am always delighted when people take time to leave me a comment...thanks so much