Thursday, 21 February 2013

My chick has flown the nest

My chick has flown the nest! My youngest Natalie moved out today into her new apartment. She has been living in our garage apartment since she got married a year ago. It was nice having her close but it was small and very short on space.There was no chance of them buying as the property in the UK is very expensive right now. Plus it is near on impossible to get started unless you have a huge deposit to put down.
Private rental is also very expensive and they  normal ask for a lot of money up front, so getting any start for a young couple is hard.
Thankfully they got an apartment to rent and there was no up front money. It needed a little decorating and some new carpet and she had no heat or hot water at first. Now its all clean and warm and I think it will be a very cozy first home.
The best part is it is so close I can see her window from my bedroom lol, only wish my older chick was that close.
So I have gained some nice space and I am sure I can find lots of craft items to fill it lol
So my chick has flown the nest but not very far!


  1. Enjoy the extra space, Jill x

    1. I will jaq I am sure can find lots of fill it with lol

  2. Such a happy post! Congrats to all:)

    1. Thank you even happier now we just heard she got into nursing school


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