Saturday, 23 February 2013

Winter in the UK

Winter in the UK is not bad by some standards. I always think it is so funny that the hint of snow sends us into chaos. Our brothers and sister overseas must think us so silly that we let our country almost grind to a standstill when we have a little bit of snow.
I am fairly sad in that I love winter. I really enjoy being wrapped up warm and cozy sweaters and putting on the heating or lighting a fire.
I love the feeling of keeping warm and safe at home and shutting out the world. No noisy music in the back yard, so sweating hot nights and no flies lol. Yes i have to say i totally hate flies and think they are such a pain in the summer months.
I also love winter events such as Halloween and Christmas. I really enjoy Christmas and love all the lights and giving gifts.
We have not had so much snow this year but it has been very cold the last few days. I think my cold days are slipping away but I shall sit and wait for them to come back.

View from my house last winter

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