Thursday, 28 February 2013

Red Nose Cookies

Red nose cookies ummmm what could I make. The nice people over at Salisbury's family blogger network asked everyone to make some for red nose day. This is huge charity fund raising event in the UK and loads of people do stuff to raise money.
Well as you know if you come visit often, I have had some health problems and my youngest moved. So in saying that I totally forgot until I had an e mail to say today was the last day.

So I rushed out into my kitchen to see if I could make something fast. I went onto goggle to find a nice simple cookie recipe which I did by chief Rachel Allen on the BBC good food site. Salisbury's also have some fab ones but this was so fast I picked it in a flash.

There was no cutting or anything just rolling your mix into walnut size balls then using a knife flatten them down a bit. Now the recipe did say it makes 30 but I only got 15 !!!! Maybe their walnuts were smaller than mine lol

Then they went into the oven for about 15/20 mins. It would be such a great one to do with kids as it was so easy and no rolling out.
While they were cooking I found my face mould and thought it would be fun to use this. So using fondant I pushed it into the mould and then popped them out onto paper.

They are really cute and if I had more time it would have been fun to really do them all different. I then made them eyes and the most important bit their red noses.

As you can see I also collected very red fingers lol. Lesson to be learnt wear rubber gloves lol.
When they were all done I was fairly pleased as it had been such a rush job. They tasted yummy and I would make them again. They would be great if you have someone say they are popping in and you having nothing to give them. You can make some up in a flash.
You can find the recipe at .

225g butter
110g caster sugar
275g plain flour

Cream the butter and add sugar and mix well
Sift in flour and any spices and form a firm dough
Using your hands form into walnut size balls and place on a baking tray. You don't need any paper for grease for the tin. Flatten a bit with a folk and bake at 170c/150c gas 3 for 13/15 mins

So have a great Red nose day and lets hope lots of money is raised. Good luck with your Red Nose cookies

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