Sunday, 3 March 2013

oooooo Cupcakes!!!

ooooooo cupcakes my title for today.
So its Sunday and I went off to Church today and it felt really nice to be out in the sunshine. It has been a little .
warmer today so I did not have to wrap up so well.
Just before the service started one of the congregation approached me and asked about cupcakes. I said that we should chat after.
Long and short of it is she was putting on a thank you event for her team of fund raisers at her Charity store, and wondered if I would make some cake. She insisted she would pay me, but being a nice person and the fact it was for a cancer charity I said no and I would pay. She was so happy and smiled and asked if I were sure. I make it clear that it was not a problem at all and I would feel great to help.
So my next questions was how many........... can you feel the punch line coming .........
She looked at me with such a sweet face and said   "200"!!!!!!!Come on what could I say apart from " Ohhhhh that's fine I will cope" smiling nicely . The most I have ever make is 50 so this should be interesting lol.
So they have to be ready on the 23rd so come back and find out how I got on lol. Wish me luck


  1. Good luck Jill, hope you can manage to avoid eating any of them - I know I would!! xx

    1. Thanks joy lol I think I will too busy making them lol


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