Monday, 4 March 2013

Cake Decorating

In the last few months I have taken up a new hobby. Now if you know me well you will also know I love to craft. I have many craft hobbies including paper craft and my love of patchwork. I have never really been into cooking as such but I did grow up with a mother who was a great baker.

It started slowly then I got the passion to create more and more. Then in September my daughter and myself started at a proper class. Its been a  challenge at times, and also a lot of paper work but I am enjoying myself. I think I am making progress and putting more into my cakes. I have only done a Christmas cake so far ummmm not my best but ok.

My latest is my doll cake which took hours to make. I think its ok and it looked even better once her hair was done. I have given this one to my daughter in law Karen to raffle for Charity. I hope it make some money.

Its really funny how quick you can get into these things lol. Not at all good for my diet !
I am going to post my cake decorating journey on Fridays so I can share my latest work with you all.

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