Tuesday, 14 May 2013

10 things that make me happy

Ten things that make me happy is the next one in my month of post challenge. So here goes

1. My family..... I love my husband of 34 years very much, he is someone who has provided for us over the years and for that I say thank you. I adore my children Matthew and Natalie and they are the light of my life. I am so proud of them both everyday.

2. My pet's .... I have one cat called Daisy who is getting very old she is special and I will miss her a lot when she is no longer with me. My cat cfer who died last year when I  think of her cozy up on the bed, it makes me smile. I wish she was still with me

3. My hobbies...... I have so many but I love to cake decorate and sew and card make. I love to meet up with friends and craft for a few hours

4. Tea ...... I love a cup of tea. Not too strong and no sugar ummmm

5. Sleep...... I live with a lot of pain so the times when I can sleep and I am pain free is great

6. A peaceful hour in church

7. The sea.... I love to watch the sea and smell the air

8. Anything paranormal...... movies, books you name it

9. Seeing my best friend Sue

10. Christmas and winter..... love that time of year

So that's my 10 whats yours?

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