Friday, 17 May 2013

Flash Bang What a Picture

Flash Bang What a Picture today. I was trying to blog every day in May but I have missed a few days. Like most people you get caught up in life and before you know it a few days, months or years have passed lol.
So I am back today and I thought I would share a picture with you . The thing is I found it hard to pick one. In the end I found this one.

Matthew and Natalie

This is a picture of my children just before a talent show. My daughter was a T.V celeb called Anneka Rice. She did a show where people in the studio would talk to her and give her directions to rush all over the place. They had to answer clues then send her to that place to win a prize. I think she looks so cute and love the Huge ear phones as well.
My son Matthew was a very famous UK boxer at the time called Frank Bruno. He is holding a bottle of a brown sauce as Frank was the face of that brand at the time.
It took me ages to cover him in face paints and even longer to wash it off lol. They didn't win but I think they look great.
Now they are grown up these memories are so special. When your children are small you think you will have so much time, then in a flash its gone.
We would go to a holiday park every year in May as it was the cheap time and it was all we could afford. We loved being able to go to the beach whatever the weather and play. We made sand castles in the rain lol. We could give Matthew more freedom as he got older at the park because we knew he would be safe, and back then he was. They had loads to do and the whole family could relax and have fun.

Now they are grown up into adults I do sometimes miss those holidays. Life was simple and we could give them a little money and they would think they had a fortune lol
So if you have young children concentrate on building up those happy memories for them as well as for yourself. Time flashes past and when you get to my age you realise how important those memories are with your children.
I am so proud of my children and they have grown into wonderful adults . I hope you enjoyed my flash bang what a pic
So Matthew and Natalie I love you so much xxxxxxx

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