Sunday, 5 May 2013

Saturday Night at the Pub

I very rarely go out these days due to health issues, which most of the time I am fine with. So when I get a chance to do something different its a nice change for me.
So Saturday started good with a visit to my favourite craft class with my lovely friends Sarah, Rosa , Joannie and gang. It is always nice to laugh and craft and I leave feeling all is right with the world.

So then later that evening I got to go our again so lucky me. My daughter Natalie is a very talented singer and she had a gig at our local pub. It was really nice as friends and my father in law Charlie and sister in law Karen joined us to hear her sing.
The only downside was it was sooooo hot in there I felt I was boiling lol
Natalie has such a great voice and I love to hear her sing.

She has lots of videos on you tube so I hope you enjoy these and go and check out more. Hope your Saturday was as nice as mine.

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