Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Picture Prompt

Picture Prompt today! I have to be honest I did not know what I was going to talk about today. So I thought why not open my pictures and talk about the first one that loads.
So this is my picture! It was taken on the 7th July 1979 and it is my husband Kevin and myself on our wedding day.

Kevin was in the Royal Navy and we had been penpals for over a year. When he came home on leave he asked to meet up. My dad was totally against me going out with a stranger so he made him come to our house. He turned up in uniform looking very handsome and had a shine on his shoes to see your face in lol.
We hit it off straight away and within a month we were engaged! Yes you read it right I was engaged.
We had people saying it was too fast and it would never last but we went ahead with it anyway.
It was a lovely day and we had the best wedding party with bridesmaids Emma, Lucy and Carole and pageboy Sam. Kevin was well supported by friend Les.
I only wish I had a video of the day but at that time it was really expensive and we could not afford it.
So I think that we have proved it did last as this July we have been married for 34yrs! Don't get me wrong its not been all roses all the time, but we still love each other and will be together forever.
You have to work at a marriage and I know that is not always easy. If someone is worth it you will be able to make the effort. 
I am very grateful to Kevin for the last 34 yrs and for all he has done for me and our wonderful children Matthew and Natalie.
Love you Kevin

Why not try a Picture Prompt yourself its fun!


  1. Aww Jill, that is so lovely - congratulations on your successful relationship xxx love lorraine xxx

  2. Lovely post! Great picture Honey, I love your dress :)


    1. Thank you Rachel I still have it but sadly could not get it on theses days lol x

  3. Great picture, I never knew you were engaged that quick! Clearly it was meant to be x

    1. Thanks Lou yes Kevin was a fast worker lol


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