Saturday, 25 May 2013

Saturday night ......

Saturday night ..... what does that mean to you? I know for me it may include a glass of wine or even some take out food. I never really did the nights out even when I was younger, and in some ways I regret that.  I had the chance to do the nights out but I was always scared and I wasted all that time.
In general I think my lack of confidence over the years has so made an impact on my life. I have had so many opportunity's and let most of them slip through my fingers. I am a born worrier and tend to run events through in my mind and then always put myself off.
It is also true that we tend to often leave conversation or jobs so long that it then becomes a no go area.
I had this talk the other day and about regret of letting time slip past and never saying what you want to.
I guess as you get older you have sadness over people who you can't speak to anymore. They may have passed away or moved away or choose to stay away. It doesn't mine the love for them is any less and even if you can't be with them you know how much they are loved.
I think " I love you" is something we tend to not say as often as we should. So shall I start by saying just that to all those I care for as I really do mean it very much.
Tell someone you love them today!


  1. So true Jill. Great advice. Your saturday night sounds pretty fab to me :-)

    1. you me both Lou lol mind you I wont say not to a nice cuppa either lol xxx

  2. Lovely post hun.

    I am also a born worrier!

    Thank you for linking up with The Weekend Blog Hop

    Hope to see you again on Saturday

    Laura x x x


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