Tuesday, 29 October 2013

New Kitchen part two

So the kitchen is progressing but a little slowly . The problem is my hubbie is working alone and I can't do anything at all to help. He has some cupboards up on one side and I have put my things in just temp for now. I looked at all the  stuff and wonder how I ever got it in the old kitchen. We have been held up a little this week, and for the next two days I have a new hot water boiler going in.
I am very excited but I have to admit to being fed up with the amount of dust and lack of kitchen equipment. Who ever thought you would miss a sink and tap so bad lol.

It also did not help this week as we had some bad storms in the south east UK and our power was out for over 11 hours. Not at all fun ! I normally have a gas hob so if the power is out I can at least make tea or some soup. So no gas no hot drink or food, boy did I miss my cup of tea! On the plus size it proved the new fridge was working well as none of my food de frosted at all .
So watch this space as I hope by next week to show you even more progress.

New units but still needing doors!

New fridge

Goodbye old water heater


  1. I can't wait to see the finished product . its going to be beautiful! ( love the fridge)

    1. Me 2 Carla lol. Love my new fridge as well soooo much space it's great


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