Thursday, 14 November 2013

A Younger Me!

A younger me! Gosh its been awhile since I thought about a younger me . This picture was taken in 1961 and I was three. I think I must have been happy because I look like I am having a good time. We were on holiday at a holiday camp and at the swimming pool. Funny thing is I have had a weight problem all my life but at this time I .tiny. I was so small the doctors told my mum I need to be built up, which is so funny now.
I was very cute and smart and it would fool people because they would think I was much younger because of my size. I can remember people giving me money to sing them a song lol.

I had lots of tight curls which I hated getting brushed because it hurt like anything when the brush got stuck.
At my age (55) you look back at your life at times. I had a great childhood with parents that loved me very much. I have had lots of dreams and there are a few that I did not get too but that's ok. I wish I was that tiny now and I could sing in public again ............. umm there is a thought!

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  1. Lovely post. You were adorable & remind me of Shirley Temple whose movies I loved.

  2. Thank you lol. Those curls were hell to get brushed!

  3. Hello there! Newest follower from the blog hop through GFC!

  4. It looks like you are singing in this photo! Bet you had a big audience with those gorgeous curls!

    1. you know maddy I bet I was it was a dream of mine to be a singer! Shame I didnt have the voice lol


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