Sunday, 3 November 2013

Dance Moms T.V show

I live in the UK but we get a lot if United States shows which I love. Recently I started watching "Dance Moms" as I used to be a dance mum myself.
The action lies around a dance school owed by a lady called Abby Lee miller  and her top dance group. The girls range from 7 up to 10 and focuses on them and their mothers.
I have no idea how much is put on for the television but I can't believe it is always as mad as they show.
Abby is a forceful lady who has a strong style when teaching. Do I agree? Maybe not now I am no longer a "dance mum" but maybe when I was I would have agreed.  The who series really looks at the  ways the mums compete and the jealousy between them. Now I've been the mum of a talented dancer and the resulting jealousy the comes with it. On the other hand I know how it feels to be jealous if you feel your child is overlooked.

The mums in this programme can be total over the top terrible at times! I know I would never have been allowed to do anything near as bad as they do in the show. I do think that the shouting and fights in front of the children very wrong.
Saying all this it's still addictive viewing for me and parts made me remember what it was like to be a "Dance Mom" !

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