Friday, 1 November 2013

Memories of Cfer

I was over at Tots 100 and saw a post about pet stories. So as I have a little time and I thought it would be great to share my memories of a very special pet.
Anyone who knows me also knows I love my cats. I am such a soft touch when it comes to cats or any animals at all. I even turn the sound off when those advertisements come on talking about pet cruelty lol.
So my special animal friend was Cfer cat. She came into my life really about the time my dad passed away. She was a young cat who came into my garden looking for food and never left.

She brought with her a wonderful loving nature and for me unconditional love. She was always there when you came home running up all excited to see you. She was really my cat and as my husband worked away three nights a week she was great company.
Always ready for a cuddle and like a dog if you whistled she would come running it was very funny, At night she loved to lay next to me all cuddled up to my body. She would stay there until I went to sleep then she would move to the end of the bed for the rest of the night.
She had such a sweet personality and this just made me love her more.
Sadly two years ago she got sick and the news from the vet was we needed to let her go. My heart was broken. She had been my constant companion for 16 years and now she was gone. I had some people say "Oh its only a cat"! No she was not just a cat to me. To me she was part of my family in a huge way and I loved her with all my heart. People under estimate how much a loved pet can mean to a family and their loss when they go is huge.
Even now I think of her and miss her and just as much as any human I have lost.

So sleep well my cfer I love you and hope I will see you again one day.

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