Friday, 8 November 2013

Silly Hats and Afternoon Tea

Today I got to escape the kitchen mess for a few hours. My friend Joanie asked if I would like to go to a huge garden type store that we have near us. It started out to just sell garden stuff, like plants and pots. Now its huge and sell all kinds of things, even clothes.
The weather was not so nice wet and dull as we headed out. Lucky the rain held off when we arrived so thankfully we stayed dry.

We had gone mostly to see the fantastic Christmas lights they had on display. They were wonderful and bright and made me smile. I really enjoyed the blue ones and they made me think of ice and winter. Mind you they had lights in every colour you could imagine.

We walked around all the displays which were grouped in colours , and chatted about our favourite ones. If we liked modern or traditional , pink or blue or red and green. For me I love traditional and reds, golds and greens. I think the tree looks so pretty when the lights and decorations are put on, I love the way they sparkle and glisten in the lights.

Then we came across these Christmas hats and could not resist trying them on, like a couple of big kids. We laughed so much because we looked so silly. Just because we are older doesn't mean we cant have a laugh.
We then went through all the singing toys and laughed at them as well. It was a lot of fun.

We didn't buy anything because even though it was beautiful it was very expensive. That didn't matter it was nice and we had a lovely lunch and tea.

So grab your friend and go try on a silly hat..... really its fun.

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  1. I bet its the same shop my K and her boyfriend keep going too. they love the Christmas stuff there xxx


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