Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Bioglan Review

I have had a few health issues and also long term conditions which can be a little exhausting at times. So recently I was asked if I would like to try out some Bioglan products.

So I had to try:-

Supergreen Berry Boost

This is a perfect way to get all your fruit and vegetables in with ease. Each serving is equivalent to 16 portions of fruit and veg. Not only that it s also packed with 20 ingredients and full range of nutrients to add good health. It is good for energising, vitality, immunity and digestion .
You can add it to water to make a great drink or add it to non acidic juices and smoothies.
I tried it as a drink with water and was really happy with the taste . I have to say I have felt better the last few days so I plan on carrying on . The power is very fine so one 100g pack should be great value.

Supergreen Cacao Boost

Once again with have a fab way to get that veg fix. This one is equivalent to 14 portions of fruit and vegetables in one serving.
Great for alkalising, energising, vitality, immunity, digestion, and natural mood boost. Packed with cacao for extra vitality and rich chocolate flavour. Once again you can mix with water or add to non acidic juices. It is also great for iron.
Tastes great and does you good what more can you ask for .


Natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids from algae and also high in protein. This was a new one on my so I was very interested in all the 100 + Nutrients it contains. I made up the green smoothie
which is on the packet and I have to say it was good. It is a little harder taste to get used to to but not bad at all.

Raw Bites

A yummy mix of chia , maca and peanuts.Free from refined sugars , added flavours, colours and preservatives. 100% natural . Lts of superfods t gve you energy and stop sugar cravings.
My only issues is I had them all at once because they tasted so good lol.

All these products are available at waitrose, holland barett, superdrug, Amazon, ocado, boots, tesco.
And online at Thehealthcounter.com and chemist direct.
For more information check out

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