Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Lurpak Spreadable Infusions Review

I love butter ! It makes everything taste so yummy. As a child we would have Lurpak butter it was a little special treat and one we all looked forward to. As I grew and got my own family I tried to carry on that tradition.
Now our favourite butter has perfected a new and exciting spreadable yummy infusion. It has been developed to go with everything from wraps to bagels ( my personal favourite) and pitta.

There are three to choose from:

Chilli & Lime

A lovely blend of chilli  and lime. Not too hot with a lovely taste too yummy not to try.

You can also find a range of wonderful ideas for your infusions by Dan Lepard one of the worlds most widely read bakers. We tried 

Lamb Kebab in Pitta with the chilli & Lime Infusions

Dust cubes of lamb wit cumin powder, divide onto skewers and grill. Toast lightly and split the warm pitta open, generously then spread the inside with the Lurpak infusion fill with salad  and Greek style yogurt and fresh mint. Totally yummy and fab for the BBQ ( if we ever get the weather!!) so tastily.

Smoked Chipotle

A totally yummy smoky taste really great on all kinds of things but we tried :

Avocado Quesadilla with lurpak infusions smoked chipotle 

Take two tortillas, spread Lurpak infusion liberally on each. Top one tortilla with mashed , ripe avocado, finely grated  carrot, grated  cheese and chopped fresh coriander. Press the second tortilla on the top and bake in the oven until crisp and golden. Cut into wedges to serve.
Has to be our top meal for ages I am thinking of trying it cold as I would like to take it for a picnic type meal.

Sea Salt & Pink Peppercorn

Nice peppery kick without burning your mouth. 

Grilled Cheese Artichoke & Sundried Tomato Panini with Lupak infusions sea salt & pink peppercorn.

Grated edam cheese and mix with a little parmesan . Drain and quarter the artichoke hearts and sundried tomato , mix with  the cheese and a sprig of basil, or flat leaf parsley. Spread the panni generously with the lurpak infusion and top with grated cheese , artichoke and fresh tomato mixture and bake until golden.
I had never tried artichoke before but with the infusions it was so good. I can't believe  I had not tried it before.

You can find out lots more information about Lurpak and their products at 

And more about Dan Lepard at 

please note  I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the product 

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