Thursday 9 April 2020

New beginnings

New beginnings or a new start . I guess I am not alone at this time with reflecting of life or your life in general. With the terrible events going on all around the world is it any wonder many of us are taking stock of life . I started this blog many years ago and at one time would write daily and enjoy doing it. Then life took over and there just was not enough hours in one day to find time to keep up the hard work it needed. I was going to shut it down but my heart just would not let me , it had been my baby for so long.

So I have not been out for a month now as I am classed as vulnerable . I didn't go  out much before but I did get to see my grandchildren and children, and a quick run to the shops at times.  Even I have found it tough being home 24-7 and even worse the heartbreaking need to see my children and grandkids. I worry for myself but I worry more for them and can only hope it is over soon and life can start to recover.

As I have had time I have got lots of sewing done and lots of cleaning. I have made bags, dolls, shirts, trousers, underwear and tops lol.  I wanted to help the NHS as well. My daughter is a nurse and I know just how hard they all work. They were asking for volunteers to make up scrubs for nurse, and I thought that I would be perfect for that.  So I am waiting for my first batch to arrive to sew them up, even I make  few hopefully it will be useful for the over stretched staff.

I am going to see if I can make time to write on the blog and get the blog love back. I have connected with so many over the years, so lets make 2020 the year to do that again.
Love to hear what you have been doing to make this isolation time go fast as well.
Hello again xxxx

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